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Join the Campaign

Tim Merrick for New Hanover County Board of Education

Because our children should go to school
excited, and come home happy

I will work to: 

  • Ensure Safe Learning Environments for ALL students, 

  • Support Professional Empowerment for Teachers,

  • And Fully Fund Classrooms in a Fiscally Responsible Way

Adult Students

Our Vision

Excellent public schools are critical for healthy communities. Our public schools are key to equal opportunity, a vibrant democracy, and a strong economy. Our public schools must be safe and welcoming to all students, promote trust and respect professionalism, and be fully-funded in a sustainable, fiscally responsible way. 

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Our Plan

It's time for our school board to refocus on issues that matter to EVERYONE, not  "culture war" rhetoric that drains time, resources, energy, and morale.  It's time to honor our teacher's expertise and grant them the trust and flexibility needed to provide an engaging and  meaningful learning experience in a safe,  welcoming environment. And it's time to collaborate and advocate for sustainable solutions for fully funded classrooms. 

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Get Involved

Join us in shaping a brighter future for our students. Your involvement is key to creating safe learning spaces, supporting professionalism, and full funding our classrooms. Support us in fighting for positive change!

Calendar Pages

Upcoming Events

Stay informed about our upcoming events dedicated to improving public education. Participate in discussions, workshops, and community gatherings. Together, we'll champion the needs of our students and educators.

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