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Meet Tim Merrick

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When I was growing up, education was a big part of our home. My mom was my first grade teacher. My dad was my middle school principal. My grandfather testified at the Supreme Court in Brown v Board of Education. My upbringing was modest but we made ends meet. Our family values were centered around the dignity of every single child, and the promise of public education to lift up individuals and enrich communities.


I lived in Africa for two years when I was young and have traveled extensively since, as a doctor on humanitarian missions and as a tourist. I represented my profession before the United Nations, and interacted with numerous NGOs. One lesson I learned early on was how critical education is to the health and vitality of countries and to a community’s long-term health. Good public schools help shape children into self-starting, responsible citizens. Good public schools help shape strong economically viable communities. Our public schools are a critical investment that will shape the long term health of New Hanover County. 


After over 45 years as a small business owner who has signed both sides of a paycheck, I know results matter. Clear goals and accountability matter.  And whether you are working with clients, co-workers, parents, or children, organizations must build and maintain a culture of trust to build collaboration and maximize results. You gain trust by treating everyone with respect. You are transparent in decision making. You truly listen to people - even if their views are different than yours - because no one has all the answers. No one is right all the time.


And so with my values, experience, and life lessons learned, I am running for New Hanover Co. School Board with these goals in mind:


  • Our children deserve a safe and welcoming environment

  • Our teachers deserved to be empowered as professionals

  • Our school budget must be responsible and student-facing

As always, I welcome your thoughts, your questions, and your feedback. With good community conversation that involves all viewpoints, I know we can deliver good decisions for our New Hanover County Schools to help all of our students reach their full potential.

Thank you,

Tim Merrick

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